llama with tude

Llama with tude

Montreal is always fun. This time we got to travel just outside the city to apple picking land, where I finally found maple sugar (in the shape of maple leaves, of course). I’d been looking for maple sugar for, like, ever. Sometimes you don’t realize how hard it is to find something until you start looking for it. Also, there was a llama all up in my face. He seemed friendly at first. But after concluding that I was not food, he became a bit snotty:

More tude

In other nature news, Eric Luper posted a Colasanti Tree update. My little tree is very determined. Thanks for taking such good care of him, Eric!

Time to get back to work. I’m in the middle of my second draft of Something Like Fate and anticipating the copyedits for Waiting for You. Thanks to everyone for all of your sweet comments about the cover. I’m stoked.


4 thoughts on “llama with tude

  1. Oh! BTW – I ventured in to a Barnes and Noble (Carle Place, NY in Long Island) for the first time in what seems like forever, looking for the most recent Naomi Novik and some Neil Stephenson – and I swung by their ‘Teen’ section. There was “Take me There”, front and center. =) I was so excited to see it! Of course, they didn’t have ‘When it Happens” on the shelf, but the little computer thingy said they have it.
    Anyway, it was pretty cool to see.
    Just one more reminder to say ‘Congrats!’ on your successes….

  2. Did he bite you? Becuase then you could call it “Llama trauma.”
    Was he also wearing nighttime clothes?: “Pajama llama trauma”
    Does he also support the Democratic Presidential candidate?: “Pajama llama for Obama trauma”
    Did this llama also recently give birth?: “Mama pajama llama for Obama trauma”
    Okay, I’ll shut up now…
    But I will continue to make up inane rhymes unless you post a photo of the Luper Tree!!!


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