organization freak

I’m so into organizing it’s unreal. I’ve been like this all my life. Even when I was a little girl, my stuffed animals always had to be arranged a certain way and my books had to be in a specific order. When I was in college, I had work study as an administrative assistant. While I hated that I had to work so many hours, I secretly liked going into the office when I had a big organization project to do. Same with being a personal assistant when I was in grad school. That job was way more fun. I worked at a big financial firm and basically took over executives’ offices and completely whipped them into shape. I organized drawers. I went through towering piles of papers. I redid filing systems. I took everything off their desks and started fresh. And the best part was I could order whatever I wanted from office supply stores. True, it wasn’t for my own office, but I lived vicariously through all the others.

It was awesome.

Now that I work at home in a small Greenwich Village apartment, there’s not much to organize. It’s already done. But see, that’s not good enough. Because I feel the need to organize what I’ve already organized. I’m like, Dude! I can organize it even better! I recently bought a shiny new white file cabinet with white hanging folders to match and I’m in heaven. I filed away all of my school stuff (lesson plans, handouts, exams) and all my other papers that I had in those clear Staples folders with the tie thing. Next comes upgrading all of my stuff that I’ve stored in various document boxes (manuscripts, financial records, assorted randomness) to a streamlined set of new document boxes. It’s just a matter of identifying the best new boxes for the job.

Well, there’s a new issue of Real Simple calling me. Laters.


12 thoughts on “organization freak

  1. agreed
    I love organizing too! Although I’m not obsessed as you are. Take my room, for example. For a few nights in a row I’ll just be so tired that I throw my clothes on the floor. Then on the weekend I have a fun day where I get to pick everything up, fold it, or throw it in the hamper! It’s awesome! Love organizing.

  2. You’re one of the few who might understand my choice to be a cataloger with a focus on information organization, even though it’s not-so-popular in grad school, and non-librarians especially think I’m crazy. =D
    When I was little, I voluntarily enforced a Big Yearly Bedroom Cleanup on myself for three days straight. *giggles*


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