toronto top five

I’m back from a long weekend in Toronto, where I went to an incredible night wedding at the Royal Ontario Museum. It’s always fun to go to weddings at cool locations like museums. Congrats to Marcus and Kathy!

1. For the wedding, SP and I picked out my gorgeous dress at Morgane Le Fay. I’ve never owned anything this nice before and I’m a bit paranoid about taking it to the dry cleaners. I’ve heard horror stories about things getting lost at the dry cleaners. I’m sure the dress feels out of place in my closet, mingling with the other dresses that do not come close to its quality. But it’s always good to make friends with others who are different. The dress:

Dress by Morgane LeFay

2. The World’s Biggest Bookstore is a.) not actually the world’s biggest bookstore and b.) straight out of 1971. I was seriously expecting skinny John Travolta to come sauntering out, all like, “Don’t touch the hair!” It was like a time capsule with the lights and music and fonts. And I love how it says booklovers hangout on the wall. The bookstore:

World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto

3. Going up the CN Tower is apparently the thing to do in Toronto. It’s the world’s tallest building at 1,815 feet, 5 inches. Now I can say I’ve seen Niagra Falls without ever having been to Niagra Falls. The view:

CN Tower view

4. One of the awesome things about Canada (in addition to free health care for everyone, so you can actually go to the doctor’s when you’re sick) is that the garbage cans on the city sidewalks also have slots for paper and bottle recycling. Every garbage can in NYC should be replaced by one of these:

Toronto recycling

Toronto recycling

5. The Canadian dollar store, where I scored some sparkly colored pencils and glitter glue. How did I resist the maple leaf spatulas? The store:

Canadian dollar store

We’re going back to Canada next weekend, this time to Montreal. Toronto’s weather was amazing, but I think I’d better pack my toque for Montreal, eh?


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