clinging to my flip-flops

Yay, warm days are here again! Yesterday was a thing of beauty. Temperatures in the 70s, walking around in my flip-flops, all the windows open without freezing in my place. I cling to my flip-flops as much as I resist busting out my big coat. Not that my winter coat is particularly large. You can only do so much when you have one official closet. Anyway, it’s supposed to be gorgeous all weekend. If it’s warm again where you are, what will you do to make the most of it?

I won’t be around to enjoy the warm weekend, though, since I’ll be in Toronto. Toronto will also be warm(ish), so I’m stoked. I was so excited to watch some Degrassi filming, but everyone’s off for the Canadian holiday. My reunion with Joey and Caitlin will have to wait. How will that conversation go? “Hi, you totally don’t remember me, but I met you guys like 22 years ago at the screening of Degrassi Junior High when it was new to give feedback about it and blah blah blah.” Hm. Well, now I have more time to work on that.

Happy birthday yesterday to John Lennon. It hurts my heart that so many pacifists have been taken from us. All he wanted was peace. We remember, John. We still imagine.


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