shorts guy

There was a guy walking down the street yesterday. He was wearing shorts. And not in a way where he was coming from the gym and running to his place around the corner. He was obviously clinging to summer with great determination. I was like, “You go! Hold on to that feeling, Shorts Guy!” Because I totally feel his pain.

Usually there’s a gradual shift in temperature between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. School starts, the autumnal equinox happens, days are still warm. This year is different. It’s been a blur; some memories are hazy. All I know is that one day it was summer and my windows were open and everything felt perfect, and then bam! Late fall was in the house. My place has been freezing for days.

I have this thing about resisting my coat. It might be colder out and I might be tempted to wear it, but no way. Not until it’s absolutely necessary. It’s just too sad to have to wear a coat for seven months out of the year. I’ll layer a T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and hoodie before I’ll deal with any kind of jacket or coat situation. I know it’s weird. But the coat represents oppressive, freezing winter with less daylight. The coat weighs me down. The coat is ruining the party.

Keep hope alive, Shorts Guy. I’m on your side.


3 thoughts on “shorts guy

  1. Shorts Guy
    I am the Shorts Guy!
    Remember once when you told me I cannot visit NY unless I bring a pair of boots (there was at least half a foot of snow and ice on the ground). You correctly recognized the fierce ‘Shorts Guy’ attitude in me: clinging mightily to the mild California weather from which I was arriving. Arriving with sweaters and pants but no coat, no boots, clinging hard.


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