in the world

Today is World Vegetarian Day! I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years and love an opportunity to officially celebrate that fact. I think I will party by swinging by Whole Foods for some Quorn.

Speaking of the world, German rights to Take Me There were just sold! My first translation! I can’t wait to see what the German cover looks like. It’s so interesting how books from the States are packaged differently to sell in other countries, how a good cover here might not appeal to teens somewhere else. The German edition will be released next fall. I’ll share the cover image with you when I get it.

More locally, Crumbs is planning 40 new stores this year! Thanks for the news, Sharyn.

By the way, I am quite aware that vampires are not actually altering my stereo volume. It’s probably just my neighbor’s remote. Or unicorns.


4 thoughts on “in the world

  1. I never knew you were a vegetarian-that is really cool! A lot of people say they could never be a vegetarian but for me it wouldn’t be as difficult- im really italian, so i pretty much live off pasta! Your book in Germany- that is awesome! Just imagine your books being read halfway across the globe! You should be SO PROUD!


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