love is a flower

1. Vampires have taken control of my stereo again. I was just minding my own business, listening to some Death Cab, when all of a sudden the volume went from 10 to 3. What’s going to happen when I start reading Twilight?

2. Today is one of those exciting work days for me. I’m almost finished with the draft of my fourth book, Something Like Fate. It’s only the first draft and there are many more revisions ahead, but the end is in sight and that’s super thrilling. It’s also great timing, since the copyedits for Waiting for You will be ready for me soon.

3. My neighbors across the street have a bird in their window that sounds like a sheep.

4. Congrats to Nico Medina on his shiny new job! Nico was my most excellent copyeditor. Sadly (for me), he’s left Viking for the next stage in his career. I miss you already, fam.

5. The other day I was looking for some yellow flowers. All of the yellow flowers were corroded, so I didn’t get any. Then SP shows up to dinner with yellow roses! How did he know? He also brought me blackberries because he knows that I will be missing berries for the next several months. How awesome is he? Pretty frickin’ awesome, that’s how. I documented the blackberries, seconds before eating:


10 thoughts on “love is a flower

  1. ahh!
    Honestly, I’m getting excited! It’s not fair that you get to have two books waiting for us at a time…get one done fast!!! get it done! and then you can work on the other. 😉

  2. now im really excited for your other book too!!! I really like all your titles-it really capture the meanings of love. Its fate and ‘something real’ that im waiting for. You have great romantic ideas-i mean ipod dancing is now part of my ‘dream first kiss’. But for me i want the song to be everything by micheal buble. I love that song- you should really listen to it. It is the cutest song ever- and micheal buble’s voice is pure magic!

    • It’s so cool that you like the iPod dancing scene. While I was writing it, I was thinking about my ideal first kiss, too 😉
      I just listened to part of “Everything” on iTunes. Michael’s voice is sweet!

  3. Awesome!
    That is totally amazing that there’s going to be two more books coming! Now I am so pumped! I can’t wait to read them! If they’re anything like When It Happens or Take Me There, I’m sure I’m going to love them.
    And it’s a sign that you should totally read TWILIGHT! The movie is coming soon so… betta hurry!
    Best wishes to you!

    • Re: Awesome!
      True, I’ve been needing to get on the Twilight train for a while 😉
      I’m planning to have one book released per year for the next few years. So Waiting for You will be next summer and Something Like Fate will be the following summer. Yay that you’re excited!

  4. At least the volume didn’t go from 3 to 10. LOL!
    Something Like Fate = great title! Wow, I’m impressed by how fast and consistently you’re able to work. Sure, you have days where it’s harder, but you get stuff done. That’s very impressive to me. I have to be inspired to write anything worthwhile. I’ve always wanted it to be otherwise, but it just isn’t. I write journals *all the time* so it’s not for lack of practice. 😉
    Love that SP is on the same wavelength as you. That’s fantastic to hear!

    • Dude, one time it went from 9 to 25! Good thing I wasn’t in the shower.
      I’m always working on the next book, even if that work is happening two years before the book is released. Fear of not being able to pay my rent speeds up my work 😉


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