buono appetito

The Feast of San Gennaro is the oldest and largest street festival in Little Italy. Here’s what you do there:

1. Eat.
2. Eat some more.

Most importantly, fried Oreos can be found at the feast in abundance. The person who invented the fried Oreo is one smart cookie. It’s an Oreo cookie wrapped in dough, then deep fried to delicious donut consistency and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. So freaking good. We were too busy inhaling them to actually document, but here I am with a fuzzy pink marionette:

Susane Colasanti at the Feast of San Gennaro

A random stand had tons of plastic fruit. Laila was all excited because she knows someone who goes crazy for the plastic fruit. Don’t you? She purchased 13 pieces for $12. Fried Oreos are 6 for $5, by the way. My people with the fruit:

Feast of San Gennaro

Laila, in action with the fruit! Me, displaying some fruit with particular attitude.

Feast of San Gennaro

For quality dessert, your destination is Ferrara. We were too full to partake of Ferrara, but it wasn’t insulted. FYI: They don’t serve fried Oreos.

Ferrara, Little Italy

7 thoughts on “buono appetito

  1. Plastic Fruit and non-Plastic Desserts
    Love your blog!
    Wow, who would have ever guessed how absolutely delicious and delicate fried oreos are! I must admit I was a little apprehensive to eat one and then after my first, came my second, third, and fourth within a 5 minute time span.
    Correction, Gerard and I DID partake of Ferrara’s desserts and they were fabulous. As you pointed out, the purpose of the San Genarro feast is to feast. So, we did. Fried oreos only wetted our appetite for Ferrara’s desserts and about three other entrees. We do know how to eat!

    • Re: Plastic Fruit and non-Plastic Desserts
      Oh, yeah! How could I forget about Ferrara’s stand? I also forgot to mention that, because you guys know how to eat, I proudly brought you to the feast. It is absolutely no fun to go with ridiculous people who don’t like food. Mangia!

  2. Great pics! Nice to see Laila. πŸ™‚
    Ooh, I have a plastic fruit story! When I was little, I did not get attached to normal dolls and stuffed animals, I got attached to Very Odd Things like pet rocks and plastic fruit. For awhile my special bedtime sleep toy was a plastic banana; I kid you not. (Uh, don’t go all Freudian on me… lol!)
    It was actually because it was one thing my parents allowed me to take from my grandfather’s house when he passed away, so I think that explains the attachment, but every week we visited, I came home with another piece of plastic fruit! πŸ™‚


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