time warp

Bad hair day? Hair Forecast lets you know if tomorrow will potentially be another one. They use relative humidity, temperature, cloud cover, and precipitation conditions to predict how frizzy or flat your hair will be. It’s always good to know when to break out the extra product. Just enter your city and Hair Forecast ranks the morning, afternoon, and night from 1 (bad) to 10 (great).

In other ranking news, the new Facebook is so icky that I’m not even motivated to maintain my #4 ranking in the Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge. However, some good Dawson’s energy exists. I’m stoked that Joshua Jackson (I miss you, Pacey!) is back in the new show Fringe (loving the title and theme). Watchers in TV Land: Please let me know if the show rocks as hard as I expect it to. Not that anything can top Pacey and Joey back in the day:

Pacey Witter and Joey Potter

It’s like we’re in a time warp lately, what with the new 90210 and Knight Rider (which I hear kind of blows) and New Kids on the Block busting a move. I’m debating whether or not to see them here in New York next month. It would be so wild – sitting near the same seat I had when I saw them at Madison Square Garden 20 years ago. I had a third row floor seat and Jordan totally smiled at me! Of course, my attention is always focused on Joey, who looks just as tasty as he did back then.

Adding to the time warp, I Netflixed Square Pegs. All I could remember about it is that I loved how weird it was. I couldn’t actually remember anything that happened. And the only character I recognized when I saw it again was Jennifer DeNuccio. She’s the one who always talked like, “I always, like, talk like this, you know?”

Awesome Netflix karma delivered season four of Grey’s Anatomy right when it was released, so I’m not in that “very long wait” limbo. I have one more disc to watch and need to get my thoughts together. But can I just say how bummed I am that the George and Izzie thing didn’t work out? And what’s up with Meredith and McDreamy?! Can these people ever stay together for more than three seconds? Maybe it’s a Jam thing, where the anticipation of Jim and Pam together was way more thrilling than Jim and Pam actually being together. Don’t we ever like to see the people we’ve been dying to get together actually, like, together?

7 thoughts on “time warp

  1. I finally saw Fringe this weekend and I have to say, I kind of loved it. Sure, Pacey’s basically playing a smarter version of, well, Pacey. And the whole thing is a whole X-Files rip-off.
    But come on, Pacey meets X-Files? What’s not to love?

  2. Another movie to watch, with me: Girl! Yes, I bought it for an outrageous price, but can you blame me? I realllyreallyreally wanted it. Also got Empire Records in its original theatrical release version instead of the fan remix. Movie night some time soon?
    And I’m seriously depressed about the new FaceBook. I mean, I knew it would eventually be foisted upon us forever, but it’s just so very sucky. Sigh.


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