20 thoughts on “may 2009…

  1. I am joining in on the cover-love, and also the super-excited to read it part. Are you still line-editing, or might you have time for a game of canasta one of these days? ♥

  2. COOL! I love it. Except it doesn’t match the others in terms of the boy and girl hiding their faces behind something, but it is still really cool.

  3. NEW BOOK! NEW BOOK COVER! I can’t wait to read this–I wish it was May already 🙂
    And hey, I have a book with Harper coming out late next May/early June if you want to run some sort of joint-contest, bamboozle talk someone into letting us read together, etc.
    Also, are you going to be a the reading night in October? If not, I’m going to be in the city for a little bit and I’d love to see you! (And hear all about Waiting for You….)

    • Oh yay, you’re reading in October! I actually thought you were reading this week and was so bummed that I didn’t see you. Yes, I will def be at your reading in October…want to have coffee or dinner after?
      Congrats on all of your book releases! Sounds like someone owes me the good chocolate 😉

  4. !!!
    I love it!!!!!!!
    But the “characters” look a bit older…like in their twenties…

  5. Oh, how exciting! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! 🙂
    You should totally do a national book signing at some point so I can meet you in person (and uh, for better reasons than that… lol!). If NYC was in driving distance, I’d definitely come to a reading. 🙂

  6. Waiting for you
    I’m SO excited for this book-i can not wait another second! This summer is gonna b great b/c of your book and sarah dessens (i love all her books 2) I do have one question 4 u- on ur covers, do u purposly want most of the face hidden, or do u have no input on that.

    • Re: Waiting for you
      Authors don’t have much input (if any) on the design of their covers, so the hidden faces was a decision my publisher made. I like it because it lets the reader imagine the characters and connect with them in a more authentic way. And I think this cover is absolutely gorgeous!

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