Many congrats are in order today! An honorable mention goes to my dream catcher for filtering through an awesome dream last night, in which John Mayer totally had a whole conversation with me.

Some of my fellow Obama campaign volunteers got together around NYU to register voters yesterday. We registered 225 Obama supporters who may not have voted (the NY registration deadline is October 10). Thanks for organizing us, David! If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can do it over at Just Vote.

Congrats to fellow Viking author Sarah Dessen on her forthcoming book, Along for the Ride. You can read a bit about it here. And yay that our editor is creating an awesome Summer 2009 list. So exciting!

I want to give extra props to Sesame Street for continuing to provide responsible broadcasting. As you may know, Cookie Monster recently fell in love with fruit. Of course he still loves cookies. But see, cookies are Sometimes Food, while fruit is Anytime Food. An important distinction indeed! Watch Cookie Monster explain his philosophy on The Colbert Report. Thanks for this, Eric!

Cookie Monster

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