meme of threes

Meme of threes (aka Three About Me) from literaticat.

Three jobs I’ve had in my life:

1.  Sleep-away camp counselor
2.  Tutor for child actors
3.  The bear who gives out balloons at the Ground Round

Three places I have lived:

1.  Philadelphia
2.  New Jersey
3.  New York

Three TV shows that I watch (on DVD only):

1.  The Office
2.  Grey’s Anatomy
3.  Degrassi

Three places I have been:

1.  Malta
2.  Paris
3.  La Jolla

Three people that email me regularly:

1.  Laila
2.  DailyCandy
3.  Urban Word

Three of my favorite foods:

1.  Pasta with pesto
2.  Berries (assorted kinds)
3.  Cupcakes with pink icing

Three things I’m looking forward to:

1.  Montreal and Toronto in October
2.  Sweet vacay in Grand Cayman
3.  My new desk


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