it’s a jam thing

Okay, my responses to major show events aren’t exactly breaking news. I’m usually a year (or 10) late on reporting, since I have to wait for the DVDs to come out to know what happened. Of course I knew Jim and Pam got together in season four of The Office because I’m alive and all. And I’m crying a river that there are only 14 episodes in the whole freaking season. But nothing can spoil my excitement over fresh eps. I ran to Circuit City and snagged the box set for $32.99, which came with this limited edition stapler in Jell-O mold keychain, inspired by season one!

The Office keychain

As you know, Big Haircut is the primary reason for my obsession (and, yes, I do like Jim better with his season three job interview haircut).  Especially since I am connected to John Krasinski by two degrees.  This was John after he heard about that:

Jim Halpert
My love for The Office is fueled by the whole Jim and Pam thing, those early days with all the wanting and waiting. And I’m thrilled that they’re finally together. But I’m wondering if the anticipation of Jim and Pam getting together was more exciting than them actually being together. I’d love to know what you think.

After assorted pomp and huffufle from certain people insisting that the British version of The Office is better than the American version, I Netflixed that stuff. Is it funny? Sure. Is it better than the American version? No freaking way. Steve Carell blows away all of the British characters put together. Are you seriously telling me that the other Dwight is better than Rainn Wilson? I’m thinking not.

There were lots of plot similarities, so I should give props. The pilots of both versions were essentially the same, including the scene where Michael fake fires Pam as a “joke.” And even though the other Jim doesn’t look like John Krasinski, there were a couple scenes where I saw him in profile or he made that classic Jim face at the camera and I thought, Dude. The similarity is scary. But The Office I know and love is the only one for me.  It rules supreme.  As Michael Scott would say, it’s not even like comparing apples to oranges.  It’s more like comparing apples to something that sucks way more than apples.


3 thoughts on “it’s a jam thing

  1. So WAIT. Are you telling us you *never* saw Season 4 before you went out and bought the DVD set? I know you haven’t owned a TV and all that but *the episodes were fully posted online through the network’s web site*!!! That’s totally how we saw them because we got into The Office so late. *g*
    Thank you for posting a pic of the keychain. =D
    I can’t believe you dig the “new job” haircut more than the original! Gotta respectfully disagree on that one. Although that is a great pic.
    Your question about Jim and Pam is a hard one. So far I’m liking Season 2 the best, followed by Season 4. And it’s good to see a long-awaited couple happily together without drama, since ideally we look for this in real life. But was it more exciting and poignant and wistful before? Well… yes. It’s nice to see them go through different phases though. So I guess I’ll go with option 3 on your poll.

    • That’s right – this is my first time seeing season four! I know they’re online, but I don’t like watching stuff unless the picture quality is awesome (I get really frustrated at YouTube because of the grainy quality).
      There might be something wrong with my poll. The radio buttons have disappeared…can you vote for option 3 on the poll? Hmm. I’ll see if I can fix it.


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