great indoors

Here’s what my view of the world has looked like since last week:

Waiting for You line edits

I’m going through the line edits for my third book, Waiting for You.  It will be released next summer (I’m not sure which month yet), so that means long hours in front of the computer until this is done.  The process of scrutinizing every word may not seem exciting, but I love it.  Especially when things like this come up:

Waiting for You line edits

Smiley face!

I’ll have to go out at some point, though.  Season Four of The Office comes out today.  Par-tay!  It will be nearly impossible to restrain myself from immediately ripping it open, but I’ve made a deal with myself.  After I turn in this revision, I’m allowed to watch one whole disc of eps.  Watching all of the eps right away is not part of the deal.  It’s all about the anticipation.

6 thoughts on “great indoors

  1. It’s fun seeing where you work (though I understand you’ve seen too much of it lately!). It’s nice to know that adults still get smiley faces sometimes! Cruel of you to tempt us by getting that close to your new book, though! LOL!
    Since we’re re-watching The Office in order and are only on season 2, I asked for season 4 for my birthday at the end of the month. So it’s hard to wait! Especially with deleted scenes – which this show is hands down the best at. =D


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