cosmogirl contest

So I was flipping through my September issue of CosmoGirl and what did I find on page 49?  A contest to win copies of my books!  What a cool surprise.  I knew the Take Me There ad was going to be in the August issue, but I didn’t know about their contest.  Here’s how to enter:

Text SUSANE to 467467 to win one of these books!  10 lucky winners will receive Take Me There and 15 lucky winners will receive When It Happens.

I think the deadline is September 5.  Enjoy the long weekend!

9 thoughts on “cosmogirl contest

  1. Susane, did you hear what happened to Stephenie Meyer? Somehow a partial draft of her next book in the Twilight series got out, and now it’s spread all over the internet! I feel so awful for her. Creative works are so personal to the one who wrote them, and she must have put so much time into it, only to have the end result be ruined. Just a heads up since you’re an author too, and I would hate for it to happen to someone else. 😦

  2. Hi!!!
    i am reading when it happens right now and love it so far cant wait to finish it!!!! im new to your page and its really cool!!! hope i can win a copy!!!


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