people in the neighborhood

Here in New York, teachers went back to school today.  Kids don’t start until the day after Labor Day, but teachers are having meetings and getting their rooms ready.  This is the second year I’m not going back to school with the other teachers today.  Which is okay, because there’s no way I could be on my new schedule of having one book published per year for the next few years if I were still teaching.  I know a lot of authors manage two full-time jobs, I just don’t know how they do it without being totally exhausted.  They amaze me.


I miss working with the neighbors (i.e. my students), but there are other neighbors to talk about.  Like Godfrey.  He’s my fave comedian (tied with Demetri Martin) and we went to see him last weekend.  He is so freaking funny you are on the floor laughing.  When I saw him last summer, we were having these nasty heat waves where it was like 116 degrees with the heat index (another reason I’m loving this gorgeous August – it’s been in the 70s with low humidity almost every day) and he did the funniest rant about life at extreme temps.  I was bent over crying from laughing so hard.  This time, his best rant was about Olympic gymnastics.  These athletes do the most amazing routines, but then if they don’t stick it on the landing points come off.  He was like, “Really?  Did you not see all the helicopter flips I did up there?  That’s just how I land – who cares?!”

Then I met Krista, who is a total cross between Pam from The Office and Chloe from 24.  If I wasn’t so obsessed with those shows, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the resemblance.  This photo maybe isn’t the best example of my observation, but that’s because digital cameras can be weird.


Okay, Waiting for You is waiting for me to get back to revising it.  I may not be a teacher anymore, but I’ve still got the corny jokes.

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