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Last night I had this scary but thrilling vampire dream.  Where a vampire was after me.  Or something.  I can’t really remember.  It must be Twilight calling me.  I’m so easily freaked out, though.  Especially since my stereo is possessed.  I’ll be listening to NPR or John Mayer or whatever and all of a sudden the volume will go from 9 to 1.  Today the volume suddenly jumped from 9 to 25!  This better not be the work of a vampire.  Do they even have powers?  I mean, other than being dead and, um, sort of alive simultaneously?

The Book Girl is a new book review site that recently interviewed me.  Renee asked some fun questions, so you can find out what I would take with me to chill on a desolate island and all about the first story I ever wrote, “The Carrot and the Rabbit”.

My latest Degrassi excitement:  Caitlin and Joey are back together!  Yay yay yay yay yay!  I’m only on season three, so please don’t harsh my mellow with any kind of news that something tragic happens to them in the future.  I may have to temporarily break from my Degrassi marathon because:

1.  I just got my line edits for book three and this revision is priority one.

2.  The couple I adore the most is Jim & Pam and season four of The Office comes out on DVD one week from today.

E. Lockhart is one of my fave young-adult book authors.  I loved The Boyfriend List to pieces and was so excited when I got to read with her at June’s Teen Author Reading Night.  The excitement continues with the rad review of her latest novel, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, in the New York Times.  You go on with your fine self, E.!

And now for your Moment of Zen:  cool photography by Sabine Wild:

Sabine Wild photo