in your face

I went over to SP’s last night to watch the Olympics and see what all the hullabaloo is about.  The athletes are amazing to watch.  And I was shocked to discover that speed walking is an Olympic sport.  I was also shocked (but not in a good way) by how intrusive the interviewers were with athletes who had just lost their event.  It was like:

Interviewer:  Your Olympic dreams were crushed out there.  How does that make you feel?


Interviewer:  You’re crying.  What’s making you feel so emotional?

Um…yeah.  Really?  Do you really not know?  Oh, and hey, could you not shove a microphone in the face of someone who’s worked their whole life for this moment and just saw their dreams shattered?  I can’t think of a worse time for an interview.  The person needs a minute.  Give the person a freaking minute.

Getting to SP’s place wasn’t easy.  His whole street was blocked off with a zillion people everywhere.  You weren’t allowed to walk down his block unless you lived there or were visiting a resident.  I had to prove where I was going.  This kind of fuss usually means a movie is filming, but it was actually the grand opening of Nike’s Soho store.  The scene from his neighbor’s window looked like this:

Nike Soho store opening  Nike Soho store opening

Dang.  The last line I saw that crazy was for the new iPhone.

3 thoughts on “in your face

  1. Who knew speed walking was a sport? Not me that’s for sure! I feel sorry for the athletes, and some of the interviewers have horrible timing!
    And, the last time I saw a line that crazy was for the Breaking Dawn Concert series, Comic Con because the Twilight cast was there, and one of Stephenie Meyer’s book signings.
    Sorry, I just had to involve something Twilight related. Oh, my mom and her friend love watching the olympics fore ping pong. BTW, what’s SP?
    Love the books BTW!

  2. definitely agree
    Haha, “hullabaloo.” I love that word now! 😀 It’s so fun to say, like “brouhaha.”
    I definitely agree with your opinion of annoying commentators who stick their mikes in front of athletes who just lost. You’d think that they’d have more sympathy, or empathy in them.
    I didn’t know that speedwalking was an Olympic sport either! Until I saw on TV live, and then two replays of it. They’re amazing.


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