in your face

I went over to SP’s last night to watch the Olympics and see what all the hullabaloo is about.  The athletes are amazing to watch.  And I was shocked to discover that speed walking is an Olympic sport.  I was also shocked (but not in a good way) by how intrusive the interviewers were with athletes who had just lost their event.  It was like:

Interviewer:  Your Olympic dreams were crushed out there.  How does that make you feel?


Interviewer:  You’re crying.  What’s making you feel so emotional?

Um…yeah.  Really?  Do you really not know?  Oh, and hey, could you not shove a microphone in the face of someone who’s worked their whole life for this moment and just saw their dreams shattered?  I can’t think of a worse time for an interview.  The person needs a minute.  Give the person a freaking minute.

Getting to SP’s place wasn’t easy.  His whole street was blocked off with a zillion people everywhere.  You weren’t allowed to walk down his block unless you lived there or were visiting a resident.  I had to prove where I was going.  This kind of fuss usually means a movie is filming, but it was actually the grand opening of Nike’s Soho store.  The scene from his neighbor’s window looked like this:

Nike Soho store opening  Nike Soho store opening

Dang.  The last line I saw that crazy was for the new iPhone.