what’s good

This August has been the most gorgeous ever.  Usually August in New York means an excruciating wall of heat and humidity you have to slog through.  But this August has had cool summer breezes and decent temperatures almost every day.  It’s only supposed to get up to 76 degrees today!  And the breeze coming through my bedroom window was crisp all night.  I was even under the covers (an unprecedented August event!).

Netflix recommendation:  In the Land of Women.  When this movie came out two years ago, I really wanted to see it.  But I was way too busy and then it was gone and I was sad.  Netflix to the rescue!  It’s a sweet film with super talented neighbors like Kristen Stewart (who rocked in Speak and The Safety of Objects), Meg Ryan, and Adam Brody.  We all know about my Seth Cohen obsession.  However, Adam Brody is amazing in everything, not just where he’s feeling depressed with his emo self, all listening to Death Cab and contemplating why life is so unfair.  He was awesome in this.  So was everyone else.

Here’s an example of how Sesame Street is keeping it real.  It’s good to know that Ernie and Bert won’t be going the way of Mister Rogers.  One.

5 thoughts on “what’s good

    • I resigned from teaching last year, so now I’m a full-time author. School starts next week here (for teachers) and classes start the day after Labor Day. It’s so weird to hear about school starting in August for most places – it’s too hot for school! Of course, those kids are done by May while NYC kids have school until the end of June.
      There were never nightmares about going back, just a sort of sadness that summer was over. I love the whole back-to-school feeling with new notebooks and pencils and all, now that I don’t have to wake up at 5:30 anymore 🙂

  1. Oh, I used to watch Sesame Street every morning while I was getting ready for school! In fact, I still do even though I’m in middle school.
    Kristen Stewart is playing Bella in the movie version of Twilight. Wow, twilight is everywhere!
    Yeah, August in California is a little colder. Weird.

    • Dude, if I ever decide to get a TV, I’m TOTALLY watching Sesame Street!
      I’m so excited for Kristen Stewart to be in the Twilight movie. It’s my main motivating factor for getting on the Twilight train and reading that series. That, and how much everyone loves those books 🙂

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