music you love

Your TGIM Thought of the Day is brought to you by my good friend and soul sister, Michelle.  She showed me Pandora.  Do you know about this?  Dude, it’s a free music site that only plays the music you love all day long.  You could have it on at work and improve your mood by several degrees.  How it works is really simple.  You just select an artist or group, and Pandora plays songs by them, plus other artists that play similar music.  It’s awesome to hear all of your faves and more obscure songs that might not be on your iPod.

I plugged in Paul SImon and Pandora began playing “Kodachrome.”  I’m kind of sick of that one, so I just pressed the forward button and it went to the next album, James Taylor’s Greatest Hits.  Pandora selects one song randomly from each album and then moves on to the next album when that song is done.  Other albums on Paul Simon radio were by the Beatles, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, CSN&Y, and the Police, with other Paul Simon and Simon & Garfunkel in between.  It was just like my CD collection, but cooler.  It’s also like an iPod shuffle, but it grabs music you may not have and related music you may not know.  And did I mention it’s free?  Enjoy!