all aboard

Sometimes it takes me a while to join the rest of the world.  I’ve never owned a cell phone (although the sexy new iPhone is calling my name from Shiny Happy Apple World, where everything is shiny and happy).  I’ve never owned a TV.  And I’ve never read a Harry Potter book.  I’m just not that into fantasy.  The more real a story is and the more I can relate to it, the more I love it.

But I’m thinking of getting on the Twilight train.  As if I need another obsession.  I’ve been avoiding the saga due to my acute aversion to vampires.  They are really scary.  However, from what I hear it’s kind of like the whole Friday Night Lights dynamic, where there’s a group of us all like, “No, really, it’s not about football!”  If it were about football, I wouldn’t be loving that show.  So is the Twilight series the same way?  That it’s more about forbidden love than vampires?  My theory is that the concept of forbidden love makes the plot way more intense.  I’m calling all Stephenie Meyer fans to recruit me.

One train I won’t be riding:  the new Facebook.  Is it just me, or does the format totally suck?  I’m sticking with the old Facebook, at least until they hire someone with an eye for design to whip that scene into shape.  Thankfully, the old stuff is still around, including my favorite fuzzy hug.  Hugs for your weekend!

Fuzzy hug     Fuzzy hug