gag me with a spoon

Jenny Pollack is multi-talented.  She rocks at the following things:  performing, public relations, being a mom, and mentoring.  She’s a mentor in my book because when I was new to the YA scene, Jenny gave me great advice and was always super helpful.  Our first books were released around the same time.  I knew nothing about this world, but Jenny was already an expert.  Because she has skills like that.

So when Jenny came to have an icy drink with me, I was stoked.  She’s the author of Klepto, which was inspired by her own experiences and set in the 80s.  The fun part is that you get to hear that hilarious 80s slang all over again, like “gross me out the door.”  Jenny is working on another manuscript, but it is top secret and thus I cannot share any details with you.  Let me just say it sounds really good.

I have this thing with yogurt.  Specifically, I can’t stand the taste of it.  But I know it’s good for you.  There was a time in my life when I would force myself to eat yogurt for breakfast just because it’s good for you, hating it the whole time.  That was stupid.  Anyway, I like frozen yogurt.  But the only fro yo I like is the kind that tastes like ice cream.  Example:  Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt.  Now we’re talking.

When Jenny wanted real frozen yogurt (the healthy kind that tastes like, um, yogurt), I knew I didn’t want any.  I went with her anyway to try some.  It’s always good to try new things.  That way when you say you hate it, you know for a fact that you actually do.

At first, Jenny was daunted by the choices at Yogurtland. Then Jenny made her decision:

Jenny Pollack

I tried the green tea flavor.  Let’s just say I won’t be craving this kind of fro yo as much as the Ben & Jerry’s.

2 thoughts on “gag me with a spoon

  1. Sometimes I think we’re the same person. Because I too am horrified by this “isn’t it awesome how the fro yo tastes like yogurt?” craze that’s sweeping the city. It’s not dessert, people! Don’t be fooled by the (nutritional-food dispensing) Man!

    • Seriously! My neighbor came home with a big honking cup of Pinkberry like it was the tastiest dessert ever. I’m like, Hello! We only live in the middle of the best gelato neighborhood in Manhattan! But I guess if you like the taste of yogurt and want to save a few hundred calories, there you go. You’ll find me over by the Ben & Jerry’s selection.


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