Greetings on this most auspicious day!

On 8.08.88, I was 15 years old.  That summer I was in Italy, and 20 years ago today I made some serious wishes as I watched a total lunar eclipse.  I wished that I would be happy when I grew up.  I wished that the people in my life would understand me.  And I wished that I would be doing something with my career to help other kids like me feel better.  I hoped that 20 years later on 8.08.08, these wishes would come true.

Today I see that they have.

Thoughts are powerful things.  Powerful thinking influences your actions and manifests in reality.

Do something magical today.

6 thoughts on “8.08.08

  1. Italy AND a lunar eclipse AND being the magical age of 15! Wow! Those are good general wishes. When I don’t know what I want, specifically, it’s a comfort to know that general wishes can help you make progress. I just made some general wishes at the Six Flags pool, because I’ve seen major wishes at that pool come true before. 🙂
    I really think it’s cool that you remember this 20 years later, and have lived up to it. And boy, you really want those flowerboxes, huh? *giggles*

    • Yes! My dream home has awesome window boxes 🙂
      There are wishes that I remember wishing when I was a kid and I remember telling myself, Never forget that you wished this. So when the wishes come true later, it’s so cool to know that I put the energy of them out into the universe a long time ago. I hope you’ll see the same with your pool wishes!


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