where she is now

Back in the day, The Wonder Years was my show.  I looked forward to it all week and there was no way I could ever miss it.  Since Netflix is doing an exceptional job reuniting me with my past obsessions, I am crushed that it’s apparently impossible to add The Wonder Years to my queue.  The truth about its DVD release is all nebulous, so if anyone knows what’s up please share.

The Wonder Years

Winnie Cooper is Danica McKellar in real life.  Danica is a math genius.  She writes books for girls about how to rule at math.  Her new book, Kiss My Math, shows pre-algebra who’s boss.  I love her even more for this.  So many girls are intimidated by math, but if they gained confidence at an early age math wouldn’t be so scary.  And to a lot of girls, math is even scarier than that creepy rabbit from Donnie Darko.  No one should be that afraid.  Go Danica!


15 thoughts on “where she is now

  1. I just checked TVshowsondvd.com and apparently FOX really wants to release it, but what’s happening all has to do with securing the music rights for all the episodes. But the last news item on it was in 2006, so who knows. I guess they’re still working on it. *shrugs*

      • From what I’ve heard, there’s no season sets available, but there are 2 single-disc releases that are now out of print and are way expensive cuz they’re kinda rare.
        What other site is it?

          • Yeah, some sites just make random DVD sets of various shows that are unofficial. My dad found some sites offering the complete series of Remember WENN, a show he loves, but it wasn’t an official release and so I told him not to buy from them. It’s just a way to make money because some people are really desperate for some of their fave shows to be on DVD, but the quality on them probably sucks.

  2. That’s too bad. I watched The Wonder Years as a kid, and when we finally got cable a few years ago, I revisited all the episodes via television reruns. Is it not on anymore? 😦
    Further seasons of American Dreams can’t be released for the same reason… securing the music rights to all those good songs! I’m still waiting for more seasons of Boy Meets World to make their way to DVD, too, since I watched that as a kid, too.
    And Danica! I first found that out when I cataloged her debut book on math. Fantastic!

    • She totally rules. The show might still be on reruns, but I’ve never owned a TV (last time I lived with one was at home as a kid) so I don’t know. It will be a day for some serious happy dancing when the DVDs finally come out 😀

    • For BMW, those just weren’t selling well, so future sets don’t look too promising. From tvshowsondvd.com, they linked to an article about various shows that started to put out DVDs and then stopped. Here’s what they said from BMW:
      “Buena Vista Home Entertainment released three seasons of “Boy Meets World,” which was on the air from 1993 through 2000. Season Two sales were off from the first set by just 12%. But Season Three sales were down 39% from Season Two, and plans for a season-four release were scrapped.”
      But also, according to them, from a news article posted about a year ago, the license is running up at Buena Vista, so if another company picks up the license after it’s expired, more season sets could be released, but nothing has been said yet.

      • Oh wow! Thanks for the info! I thought it would take years! I can understand why the other seasons didn’t sell as well… the middle seasons were probably the most popular overall. 🙂

  3. I believe she’s doing a reading at B&N later this month. Wanna go? I suck at math, but I love what she’s doing, and of course I thought Winnie was the most beautiful girl in the world when I was growing up.
    Too bad Kevin didn’t turn out to be such a hottie …

    • She’s reading at the Court Street B&N tomorrow at 7, but I can’t go 😦 I’m seeing “Saturday Night Fever” out on the pier 🙂 So yeah, if she’s also reading later this month we’re there.

  4. Yeah, and from a guy’s perspective, (well, at least a geeky-guy) it makes her all the hotter. Now, as an engineering grad with a math minor, I’m no slouch at math or physics, but I tried reading her paper “Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin–Teller models on Z2”, and I was left in the dust. And she co-authored that as an undergrad. Yikes.
    Brains and beauty. Much like yourself, Susane, she is a double threat.
    Oh, and you’re #1 on my list of facebook emails I really really really need to get back to people about. I haven’t forgotten your awesome, info-driven email. I’ll get back to you this week. thanks.

  5. I’m so torn on this. I loved Winnie Cooper, I love Danica, I love math, and in theory, I love the idea of getting girls excited about math…but I’m just so squicked out by the thought that in order to do so, you have to package the math like it’s a fashion magazine, making it all about lipstick and miniskirts and all the other things that “all girls luuuuuuuv.”
    Shouldn’t we be showing girls ways to break free from those kinds of constraints, rather than conforming everything else in their world to fit them?


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