where she is now

Back in the day, The Wonder Years was my show.  I looked forward to it all week and there was no way I could ever miss it.  Since Netflix is doing an exceptional job reuniting me with my past obsessions, I am crushed that it’s apparently impossible to add The Wonder Years to my queue.  The truth about its DVD release is all nebulous, so if anyone knows what’s up please share.

The Wonder Years

Winnie Cooper is Danica McKellar in real life.  Danica is a math genius.  She writes books for girls about how to rule at math.  Her new book, Kiss My Math, shows pre-algebra who’s boss.  I love her even more for this.  So many girls are intimidated by math, but if they gained confidence at an early age math wouldn’t be so scary.  And to a lot of girls, math is even scarier than that creepy rabbit from Donnie Darko.  No one should be that afraid.  Go Danica!