cupcakes on the dl

You know how sometimes when you go to sleep, you get your pillow all puffy and there’s a cool summer breeze blowing in and it’s like you’ve achieved perfect sleeping conditions?  That was me last night.  And still me this morning.  With a dream about John Krasinski (we were doing spin art on the boardwalk) in between.  So it was not the easiest thing to get out of bed.  But!  I am finishing a book three polish for my editor today (the line edit is next), so I sprang out of bed all excited to get that done.  Springing out of bed is not something I did when I was a teacher, because springing anywhere before 6:00 a.m. can be hazardous to my circadian rhythm.

From my latest Crumbs excursion.  The flower part was extra delicious.

Crumbs flower cupcake

Freedom to eat cupcakes made me think about what’s going on in Los Angeles.  This whole ban on construction of new fast-food restaurants in low-income neighborhoods is hardcore.  Residents of urban areas definitely need access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.  It’s beyond upsetting that so many kids don’t have the chance to develop healthy lifestyles because they eat so much fast food and aren’t exposed to fresh produce.  So yes, we need to eat less junk food and more healthy food.  But should anyone have the power to decide what everyone else is allowed to eat?

Here in New York, we are now trans fats free.  And smoking has been illegal in bars for years, which I love because that means I can hang out with my friends and drink my Shirley Temple (or Roy Rogers; sometimes I get a little crazy) without my contacts burning into my eyes.  But how far is too far?  Where’s the line?  What’s next – a ban on free sugars?  I can totally see a future where black market cupcakes are sold on sketchy street corners on the DL, next to the crack dealers.  And I’d really rather get my fix at Crumbs.

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