friday five: lame substitute edition

Since Sarah Dessen writergrl is on vacay (actually, she just got back yesterday, but is still transitioning), we are all missing her weekly Friday Five. So this is the lame substitute edition, which will hopefully provide some sort of informative and/or entertaining ramblings.

1. Something I have been suspecting for a while is finally out there. Cell phones and kids aren’t the best combination.  Well, they’re a problem for anyone who holds their cell phone against their head, actually. Harmful electromagnetic radiation is transmitted to a cell phone as long as it’s on, so holding the receiver close to your brain is probably not the best idea. Using the phone remotely (e.g. connecting it to an earpiece) significantly reduces its potentially carcinogenic effects.

2. Margo Rabb of the much discussed “I’m Y.A. and I’m O.K.” article was interviewed on NPR. That’s hot.

3. I’ve finished watching all four seasons of Felicity. I was thrilled to discover that the magic of season one was back in season four, all sweet and intense with excellent dialogue. I was bummed that we never got to find out what’s in Meghan’s box, but was impressed that the last five eps were dedicated to a what-if Sliding Doors scenario where Felicity tries to end up with Noel instead of Ben. Especially since this wasn’t even originally planned. The last ep was supposed to be the standard you’ve-watched-us-for-four-years-and-now-we’re-all-graduating one, but then the network said they needed five more eps. Four was a great season, but my fave is still season one. Just like with a certain other teen show:

The O.C.

4. This sucks.

5.  Below is my fave joke from The Office.  What’s updog?

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