why i don’t cross the street when a fire engine is coming like some flippin idiots do

There was a sound this morning coming from outside. And not my fave outside sound of mourning doves, either. It was more like someone was hacking down tree branches or something. But when I looked outside, I saw a fire. My building looks out onto the roof of schmancy restaurant One If By Land, Two If By Sea, with its loud ventilation system and maze of suspicious pipes. A flame kept sparking on the outside of a pipe. I made one of those freaked out 911 calls (I guess they’re all freaked out, duh) where you can’t even hear what you’re saying because the terror is taking over your senses.

While I was waiting for the fire engine, I tried to ignore my biggest fear (well, definitely on the Top Five All Time Fears list) of having everything destroyed in a fire. But it wasn’t working. This annoying vision of the pipe exploding and projectile metal parts crashing through my window followed by a tremendous woosh of flames wouldn’t go away. I reviewed the terrorist attack plan that SP and I established in case we need a meeting place. I couldn’t remember our third backup location. And then I tried to remember the list of stuff I want to take with me that I put together after September 11. All I could remember was:

1. iBook
2. Wallet
3. Scrapbook

But then I was like, Which scrapbook? The one from growing up to age 30? Or the one from age 30 to now? And should I also bring water? Won’t my bag be crazy heavy?

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about any of that. The FDNY neighbors got here in about ten minutes and saved the day. Good thing I work at home and made the call. What if no one saw? There would have been a raging fire! We could have lost our whole building! But I calmed down because negative What Ifs are a waste of time. Here’s what the roof looked like when the FDNY neighbors were done:

Fire aftermath

My fluffy mourning doves came to say hi later, all puffed out and ruffled feathers:

Fire aftermath

They always know when I need some company.

8 thoughts on “why i don’t cross the street when a fire engine is coming like some flippin idiots do

  1. OMG! I’m so glad you, your building, and all your writings/scrapbooks/memories are just fine! Totally one of my hugest fears as well. I’m always afraid that tornados/floods/fires will somehow attack my journals before I get them all transcribed and saved on flash drives/my computer.
    I’m SO glad you woke up and were able to call 911! Other than the fire damage, it looks like you live in a really cute area. I just had a freak-out moment last weekend as well, when we had reason to believe that our car was stolen in Chicago, because none of the towing places had it. And all of my best friend’s poetry/stories/journals are on her laptop, and her laptop was in the trunk of the car! But we ended up getting the car back, so it turned out all right.
    It must feel great to know that you prevented the fire from spreading! Stay safe and celebrate! 🙂

    • It really makes you reevaluate your relation to inanimate objects. Of course they’re not as important as living things, but I would be completely heartbroken to lose the things I value the most.
      Dude, you’re transcribing all of your journals onto your computer? That’s a major project. I’m impressed!

  2. Thanks
    Hi, this is Catt. Thanks for replying to my e-mail and answering me questions! You totally rock! Good luck wth your 4th book, nothat you’ll need it though. And, you are really cool, for an adult that is 😉


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