keeping cool

These are the days when you just want to bust out an icy Popsicle and chill in front of the fan with a good book.  Not that I can bust anything out of my non-existent freezer.

Recent discovery:  Liv’s Book Reviews.  Check out her Summer Hiatus Reviews.

Felicity and Ben

In my ongoing project to watch shows that I’ve missed because I’ve never owned a TV, I’ve been Netflixing Felicity.  And loving Felicity.  Well, I absolutely loved season one.  It has some essential components in common with My So-Called Life.  But by season three, they apparently decided to razzle things up with silly plots and random sex.  See, Dawson’s Creek did the exact same thing at the beginning of season three (which, interestingly, was on the same year) with that ridiculous Eve person.  It detracted from the sweet, intense quality of the show, and that’s what happened with Felicity.  They even changed the opening credit sequence from those serene black-and-white shots and quirky vocals to something more commercial and cheesy.  I still have season four to go, so there’s always a chance the show might return to its roots.


By the way, did anyone else notice that the other band member you never see in Juno is named Tino, just like the other band member you never see in My So-Called Life?  No way that’s a coincidence.

2 thoughts on “keeping cool

  1. Oh, I love Felicity! My favorite episode is The Depths, from season 2 (the best season, I believe…).
    Anyway take care!

    • Dude! That ep totally freaked me out! One of my greatest fears is being trapped in the subway for hours. When we had that huge blackout a few years ago, I had just missed being trapped in the subway by like 15 minutes. Narrow escape 😐


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