Seriously with this?

Tazo scandal

How does charging nine dollars for a freaking box of tea inspire calm or zen?

Loving the irony, though.


6 thoughts on “seriously?

  1. At first I thought maybe you were distressed because the teas have names like “calm” and “zen,” and you were wondering if every single thing in the world was going to have some sort of wacky name from now on. Spaghettios will no longer come in the “with meatballs” or “with franks” varieties but instead in the “rejuvinating” and “focus” blends. That stalk of broccoli? “Mountain fresh.” Even your internet service provider will start marketing broadband in various flavors, including the ever-popular “spring breeze.”
    But then I looked at the price. NINE DOLLARS? Nine dollars for Tazo tea? It comes in a bag, for chrissakes. I swear the loose leaf stuff at TEANY is cheaper.


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