sweet things

I’ve been staying up way late reading I Love You, Beth Cooper.  Larry Doyle is a freaking genius.  This book is so hilarious and smart on every single page and his observations of universal experiences are perfect.  Like this one, during graduation when everyone is packed into a gym with no air and someone tries to open the back doors:  “Three thousand heads turned simultaneously, expecting the doors to fly open with minty gusts of chilled wind, maybe even light flurries.”  This story opens with the valedictorian announcing his love for the head cheerleader in his speech.  How fun is that?  And why is this book classified as adult fiction instead of YA?

Speaking of YA, John Green explained why the paperback edition of An Abundance of Katherines will be available for the low low price of $3.99.  Go on with your fine self, master nerd fighter.

As an even more low-budge way to spread the love, why not let that special someone know just how you feel by making your own virtual candy heart?  They’re good all year, you know.  Of course the ultimate candy destination is Dylan’s Candy Bar, where my friend Joe and I went after our frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity.  Dylan’s has miles of every kind of candy in existence, including random old-school finds like Sky Bars and Moon Pies:

Dylan's Candy Bar

Even their stairs like candy:

Dylan's Candy Bar

Joe located the ultimate dentist’s fantasy.  It’s this candy called Grillz, where you actually deposit your teeth and gums directly into this mold of sugar:

Joe Torello at Dylan's Candy Bar

On that disturbing note, here’s the daily Deep Thought by Jack Handey to chew on.

9 thoughts on “sweet things

  1. I think I’m probably a freak here, but my candy store of choice is Economy Candy, down on … I dunno … some street on the LES. I can never remember the names, I just navigate by luck. Anyway, they have my very favorite childhood candy, the Kinder Egg, which is a German egg-shaped hollow chocolate containing a little egg inside, which contains a little toy that you put together. I have done many things in my day for a Kinder Egg.
    Then again, maybe I’m just so intimidated by Dylan’s Candy Bar, and that’s my problem …

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