summer in the city

Now that my revision of book three is done, I can focus on some sweet summer stuff.

Last night we saw Ricky Gervais doing stand-up.  As a hardcore Office fan, I was stoked.  Ricky is funny.  IMHO, his funniest joke was about Humpty Dumpty.  His point was that if an egg breaks, the last things you want to send over to fix it are horses.  Can you imagine a more destructive element to an egg than a hoof?  Not so much.

Cherries are so delicious.  And they’re only in season for about three seconds, so you have to enjoy them while they’re awesome.  This is how I justified spending $12.64 on a bag of cherries at Whole Foods.  No, the bag was not big.  Yes, they were on sale.  Cherries are worth it.  I will remember how incredible they tasted when I’m slogging through my fruit-starved winter.  At least, I will try to.

Manhattanhenge was freaking righteous!  I’m still getting used to my Nikon Coolpix, so I forgot that it has a special sunset mode when I was taking these photos.  But I think you can get the general idea.  There’s nothing like the thrill of standing in the middle of the street, being a total dork taking pictures.  These were taken on July 11 from 8:16 p.m. to 8:25 p.m.

Manhattanhenge, July 2008

3 thoughts on “summer in the city

  1. Yay!
    Congratulations on finishing the revision! Haha, I don’t know if congratulations is the right word…but either way it’s a great accomplishment. Hopefully it will come out soon…right? 🙂
    Your pictures are gorgeous.

    • Re: Yay!
      Thanks! Actually, there’s about one year between the time a book is ready to be published and the actual pub date. Next I have a line edit to apply, then the copyeditor’s comments, then checking the first pass pages for details that might have been missed. So there’s still some work ahead! The book will be out next summer 🙂


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