pc load letter?!

Your TGIM thought of the day is brought to you by the most excellent film Office Space.  If you have not seen Office Space, you need to do that immediately if not sooner.  If you have seen it, then you’ll totally remember this scene where the boys beat up the fax machine.  “PC load letter?!  What the f@#! does that mean?”  And it’s nice to see Berger doing something productive instead of leaving a sorry Post-It note on Carrie’s computer.

This is for everyone out there who’s feeling some career frustration on a Monday, everyone who knows what it feels like to have their computer eat their book, and everyone whose printer decided to stop working right when you’re on deadline.  Cheers, baby.


4 thoughts on “pc load letter?!

    • Back when I had a PC (because apparently Apple wasn’t all that in the late 90s), the computer did indeed eat my first draft of When It Happens. I opened it one day and it had morphed into rectangles. But it’s all good now because I’m an addicted Mac person and loving life!


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