Over at Laurie Halse Anderson’s blog, it’s Day Seven of her Write 15 Minutes a Day Challenge.  Check out her daily entries for writing prompts, motivation, and activities.  It rocks that Laurie takes time out of her majorly busy schedule to help other writers achieve their goals.  It’s all about the karma.  Oh, and she’s also been posting fun garden photos and some cool videos.  It’s summertime in the country and the basil is aplenty!

As of July 1, all New York City restaurants with 15 or more locations nationwide must supply the calorie counts for every item on their menu.  Luckily, Crumbs has less than 15 locations, so I don’t have to see that their average cupcake contains approximately one zillion calories.  But it was a shocking discovery to see that a pretty sprinkle flower cookie contained 490 calories.

Seriously.  That’s, like, one-third of my daily calorie allowance (for a typical day).  Did I eat the cookie?  Heck yeah!  But then I was a good vegetarian and stuck to vegetables and tofu for the rest of the day.  It’s all about the balance.

July 5 was my one-year anniversary on LiveJournal.  Which is really hard to believe.  Time is just zooming by at an alarming rate these days.

My (hopefully) final revision of book three is due next week.  I just printed out its 297 pages and will spend this week doing a final reading and applying changes.  The light is visible.

Which reminds me:  Daylight hours are decreasing.  Make the most of your sunlight!