11 thoughts on “cosmogirl!

  1. ***good karma***
    love the ad, and the sentiment as i’m one who needs to take more chances… true love must be waiting.
    thank you for all of the positive energy you always send through your posts 🙂

  2. Ad so rocks!!
    OK, so I’m going to buy my copy of COSMOgirl.
    Ad totally rocks!
    True love waiting…the beauty of life, all the unexpected ‘true love’ orange glow that will pop right into our lives…..
    orange orange orange….
    did I say ‘orange’?
    Cure said ‘orange’.
    The Cure is the Cure.

  3. orange
    Anyone else reading this comment would be like, “Huh?” But I hear you. Maybe when my problem is solved, I’ll share it here and tell everyone about the power of orange 😉

  4. Sending you lots of positive energy! Good to know you’re human, but sad to know you’ve got hard stuff to deal with right now. 😦
    Forgot that Take Me There takes place over the span of a week! Really shows how much teens can go through in such a short period of time, and no one should blame them for feeling up and down. There’s always *so* much more going on in people’s lives than outsiders realize!

    • Thank you for your sweetness!
      When I was a new teacher, I was so amazed that a particular student could be so sad one day and so happy the next. And then I was like, “Duh! It’s called life as a teenager!” That’s exactly what I wanted to show in Take Me There – the severe and immediate ups and downs that other people usually never know about.


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