The last time I called to renew my subscription to CosmoGIRL!, the guy was like, “Oh, that must be for your kids.”  I didn’t feel the need to tell him that a.) I don’t have any kids and b.) just because I’m an older girl doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my teen mag fix.

When I got my August issue yesterday, I was alarmed to see “Hottest Back to School Looks” on the cover.  New York City public schools just had their graduation a few days ago and now we’re already talking about going back?  When can kids get a mental academic break around here?  That’s wild.  But then I saw page 53, and it turned into a good kind of wild.  There’s a half-page ad for Take Me There, right under an ad for deodorant!

In other sweet news, Allison tried the Artie Lange cupcake during our latest Crumbs excursion.  I was feeling old-school and went with my vanilla sprinkle.

Artie Lange and vanilla sprinkle cupcakes at Crumbs

Feel the summer breeze…

4 thoughts on “sweet

  1. Yay!
    Congratulations on having a half-page add for Take Me There in a huge magazine! That’s so awesome! What does it say?


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