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Today I’m the guest blogger over at YA New York.  I wrote about how my purpose in life is to help teens in some way and how S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders was the catalyst for my future writing career.

YA New York is a fabulous new site created by Sabrina Banes, who blogged about last week’s Teen Author Reading Night.  You can read her commentary here.  I was honored to be reading from Take Me There with E. Lockhart and Rachel Vail, as they are two of my absolute fave authors.  They are immensely talented and have transformed the landscape of the young-adult book world into something spectacular.

Here’s Sabrina with Melissa Walker.

Sabrina Banes and Melissa Walker

Melissa’s new book, Violet in Private, will be released on August 5.  How psyched was I to open my August Teen Vogue and see that Melissa is a contributor?  She wrote an article on girl crushes and totally rocked the magazine.

There would be no Teen Author Reading Night without event master David Levithan.  I had to take this photo with David because he was wearing a Death Cab for Cutie T-shirt and I love love love the Death Cab.  Transatlanticism is a work of genius.

Susane Colasanti and David Levithan

Contest alert!  The Book Muncher is giving away these books to celebrate her 100th post:

The Book Muncher

You can go here to win.  Entries must be received by July 15 (midnight PST).  Thanks, Rachael!

7 thoughts on “stay gold

  1. thanks…
    …for posting about my contest 😀
    actually, i need to pick up an August Teen Vogue to read Melissa’s article. i actually remember when Melissa was asking on MySpace for anyone who could help her with some quotes or something. i think i’m in it!! (look for Rachael and Kristi!!)

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