moma part one

The Museum of Modern Art is so exciting right now!  Their current exhibits are all about light and motion and geometry, with all of these interactive light installations.  So of course I’m sharing my fave MoMA works of art with you here.  I’ve divided my photos into two (sort of) categories, featuring light (part one today) and geometry (part two tomorrow).

As part of Olafur Eliasson’s Take your tIme, this installation rocked in its simplicity.  Square room, white walls, white lights in the center surrounded by diffraction gratings and rotating color plates.  The diffraction gratings separate the white light into its visible spectrum colors, otherwise known as ROY G BIV.  Roy was a good guy.


There was a circular area with a continuous light wall.  You were supposed to stand really close to the wall and stare at its color.  About every 20 seconds, the color changed.  Each color inspires a unique emotional response (the blue was calming, but the yellow was thrilling).  Here’s the light wall in the background being admired by kids on a field trip.  Every time the color changed, they were all like, “Oooooohh!  Greeeeen!”

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Several cool films can be watched.  This one had found objects changing over time.  I have a thing for old typewriter keys, so I liked watching this typewriter slowly being covered by snowflakes.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

During the MoMA’s recent renovation, lots of new windows and tons more natural light were incorporated.  It changed the whole feel of the museum.  The space is open and connects with the surrounding city environment.  One windowed wall is entirely covered by connecting shapes of mirror and glass, forming different angles and bringing the outside buildings, trees, and sky in to the observer.  I am upside down in the first photo.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

This is Liam Gillick’s Underground (Trailer for a Book) and an immersive light installation containing mist.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Tomorrow:  Fun with geometry!

Susane Colasanti at the Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

6 thoughts on “moma part one

  1. 🙂 Cute last picture.
    But that exhibit looks awesome – and too creative. For me, anyhow. I could never think of portraying light that way. 🙂 My mind comprehends words and how to write a story, but very few other things.
    – Pema @ The Pema Pad

  2. Wow! i want to go!
    this is incredible! i will go this weekend…this and the Anish Kapoor exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art…talk about inspiration! Have you seen inspiration?

  3. Wow, what great pics! I love museums with quirky, original exhibits!
    I’m in the middle of writing a review of your novel right now. I’ll send it off when I finish (maybe after work). 🙂


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