lucky day

Back in the day, I got sick of dreading all of the impending havoc that Friday the 13th inevitably wreaked.  So I decided that Friday the 13th was going to be my lucky day from now on.  And guess what?  It is!  May you also feel the power of this lucky day.

In case you haven’t heard the big news yet, Laurie Halse Anderson received the 2008 ALAN Award!  Laurie is one of the most amazing authors and people I know.  She deserves nothing but happy things with sparkles on them, and this definitely qualifies!  You can read about her most excellent honor here.  Congrats to Laurie for reaching out to so many teens and making this world a better place.

Your lucky day may be rapidly approaching.  There’s only one week left to enter my contest to win signed copies of When It Happens and Take Me There, plus have some of your writing published in my next book.  Check out the contest rules and enter soon!

Current Netflix viewing:  All three seasons of Degrassi Junior High, in preparation for seeing Degrassi:  The Next Generation.  And also because I think it totally rules that I can have a Degrassi Junior High marathon 20 years later.  The show was new when I was in junior high and, the dedicated PBS viewer that I was, really spoke to me.  I even got to attend a private screening of new episodes and give feedback to the producers.  Channel Thirteen selected some junior high school newspaper editors in the Tri-State area and I was one of them.  So there’s love here.

Last week or so I wrote about how perfectly Freaks and Geeks portrays the horror of gym class, especially with picking teams.  Here’s that clip, in which it is not Bill Haverchuck’s lucky day.

3 thoughts on “lucky day

  1. Yeah, SP makes fun of my Degrassi love, too. And I’m like, But you’re not allowed to do that. You’re Canadian.
    The fact that Freaks & Geeks was only on for one season is why I don’t have a TV. I would smash it into a thousand bits. And then I would smash it some more.


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