new adventures in technology

So I recently achieved a massive technological advancement by purchasing my first digital camera.  Not like I don’t enjoy Sarah Dessen calling me Old School because of my disposable Kodaks.  But it was time.  I decided on the Nikon Coolpix S550 (which doesn’t come in exciting colors like hot pink, but black is always classic) because it is minuscule and takes photos quickly.  Nice.  At first I took some random test shots around my place.  I snapped my Lloyd Dobler poster:

Lloyd Dobler

I snapped some of my DVDs:


Then SP and I went to dinner and I snapped him enjoying his bread:


Reason #73 why I love springtime:  Italian dinners in restaurant backyard gardens!

My digital camera skills have improved.  In celebration, I’ll be posting awesome photos of today’s MoMA excursion soon for your viewing enjoyment.

Next up:  That sexy new iPhone.  Or a microwave.  No wait, a TV so I can watch DVDs not on my iBook.  Oh yeah right.  As if I’m fooling anyone.  But hey, I did just get a cordless phone, so anything’s possible.