and the collage begins…

Yay yay yay!  Friendly neighbor and dedicated reader Laila from Brazil (seen here with her little sister) sent me this photo of the first Take Me There Barnes & Noble floor display:

Take Me There collage

This rocks because the displays aren’t supposed to be out until Tuesday, but Laila is so awesome that she insisted they get out the display for documentation.  Dude, that rules!

I’m collecting photos of friends and neighbors near and far with the floor displays.  Then I’m going to create a sweet collage with all the photos.  Some of you purchased Take Me There online and want to know if you can be part of the collage, too.  Of course you can!  And I welcome creative and weird and smart and funny photos.  Or you can just show me your town, like my friend Jim did here in NYC with the Empire State Building in the background.  He’s standing on the pier where Rhiannon and James like to go:

Take Me There collage

Keeping it casual, here are attentive boy readers Gerard, Matt, and Andrew from San Francisco:

Take Me There collage

Please email your pics to me at, or tag the photo on MySpace and I’ll find you.  Party on!


8 thoughts on “and the collage begins…

    • Next summer, but I’m not sure which month yet. My editor is going over my revision now, so hopefully we can finalize the book soon. After that, it takes about a year for the book to be published.


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