In When It Happens, this kid George from the band Overlord rocks out extra hard.  Well guess what?  He’s a real dude!

George Pasles of Overlord

I’ve known George since college, so of course I went to see him play the Mercury Lounge last weekend.  It was a blast.  Then we stayed to hear the bands after Overlord and they also rocked.  Hospitality is a sweet band based in Brooklyn.  They have such an original sound and do randomly excellent things like bust out a penny whistle or this mini keyboard instrument that you blow into to play.  I should know what that’s called by now.

Then The Bloodsugars came on and they were such rock stars.  I can’t get those riffs in “Purpose Was Again” out of my head.  They’re down with the 80s synth pop thing.  And super entertaining to watch.  Here’s Brendan on bass:

Brendan of The Bloodsugars

He was jamming out unawares when a magical birthday cake appeared in front of him:

The Bloodsugars birthday

Yay!  It was a cake of cupcakes!  That’s a reason to celebrate right there.