in which the universe brings evan rachel wood

The Universe knows that I’ve wanted Evan Rachel Wood to play the main character in the movie version of When It Happens for years.  And today, Evan was brought to my door.

Well, technically she walked past my door.  Woody Allen was filming his Summer Project 2008 on my street today and she’s in it.  Oh, and if you happen to see this movie and notice someone in yoga pants and an “I [lip symbol] NY” T-shirt looking all sweaty and gross from the gym walking down the street behind a girl with a dog, that’s me!  Or if you see that person getting packages from her mailman, still all sweaty and gross from the gym, that’s me again!  Anyway, I left a copy of my book for Evan because that is what you do when the energy of the universe delivers your fate to your door.  You open the door and let fate in.

Open the door!

5 thoughts on “in which the universe brings evan rachel wood

  1. Wow! That must be fate!
    Last time I was in NYC I was running late to meet my agent. Walking toward me was a really old man who looked kind of like Woody Allen. With a young Korean woman.
    Yeah, you guessed it. I tried to be all nonchalant like I was a real New Yorker. I’m sure my eyes were probably on stalks.

    • New Yorkers are just as excited to spot famous people! I wanted to take photos of the filming to post here, but I totally didn’t trust myself not to act like a dork around everyone. Patricia Clarkson (LOVE her) and Larry David were also here.

  2. Wow! Susane, that’s fantastically exciting! I loved her in Across the Universe (my absolute favorite movie, and no, I don’t pick a new favorite movie every year!). I’m so glad you were able to get copies of your books to her! Fun that you might have ended up in the Woody Allen movie, too. 🙂

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