my first official contest!

Yay, it’s my first official contest to win copies of Take Me There and When It Happens!  Woo-hoo!  For extra fun, check this out:  The ultimate winner of this contest will have their writing published in my third book.

Dialogue lovers, this one’s for you.  Because the contest winner will be the person who writes the best dialogue (no more than three sentences) for a particular scene.  And it’s not just any scene.  This is the crucial last scene, in which the main boy character asks the main girl character to the junior prom.  Six months early (it’s currently November and the prom isn’t until May).  Here’s the sitch:  He’s a boy who’s liked this girl (both juniors) for years without her knowing, but now she knows.  He sat behind her in eighth-grade physical science and overheard her talking to her best friend about the prom, so he knows she’s been looking forward to it for a long time.  Now he’s finally asking her to go.  He’s revealing his true feelings, holding nothing back.  What magic words does he use to make her say yes?

These sweet prizes can be procured:

1.  The ultimate winner will have their dialogue published in my third book, Waiting For You, which will be released next summer.  The winner will also receive a signed copy of Take Me There.

2.  The first runner-up will receive a signed copy of Take Me There.

3.  The second runner-up will receive a signed copy of When It Happens.

The contest rules are simple:

1.  Entries must be received by the summer solstice, June 21.

2.  Email all submissions to me at

3.  Enlighten me with your spectacular talent!

Winners will be notified by June 25 and posted here.  If you are a winner, I will email you for your address.

Thanks to SP for this totally brill idea.  You are a work of genius.

10 thoughts on “my first official contest!

  1. Contest!
    Love the idea!!
    and loved ‘Take Me There’
    Now i have to go write a killer entry!
    love your books, you are an amazing and talented writer!!

  2. I would love to contribute, but I’ve got a few questions first… How well does she know him? are they close friends, but the romantic aspect is secret? Has he been crushing on her from afar, but she doesn’t know he exists? etc., etc.
    Has he been shot down with the “You’re such a good friend, I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship” line before? Is he timid? Has he been burned?
    Is he a wallflower/geek/nerd in love with the popular girl? etc.
    Speaking as a guy who did something similar to the very thing you’re suggesting, I know that the circumstances frame his entire mindset, and completely dictate which tactic he’ll take.
    That said, I don’t want you to completely give away the plot and important points of your next book prematurely, so answer as evasively as you need.
    BTW – do you listen to This American Life on NPR? a few weeks ago (5.23.2008) they interviewed Francine Pascal, the woman responsible for the plot of 700 Sweet Valley High books… It was a fun listen. The entire episode was about Proms. check it out at if you haven’t heard it yet.

    • Hey Matt!
      First off, I freaking LOVE Francine Pascal and was an avid reader of the Sweet Valley High books back in the day. I heard her speak at a conference and she was very inspirational. I’m also a daily NPR listener and can’t believe I missed her, so I will def check that out.
      About the contest, I really can’t reveal too much. But I will say that this boy was rejected by this girl the previous year (they were new friends before that and are really close friends now), so he’s been burned. He’s geeked out, but recently changed his image and has some style going on. And yes, he’s been crushing her for several years.
      Looking forward to reading your master creation 🙂

  3. I’m so entering 🙂
    But I’ve got a few question: does the whole max of 3 sentences have to be a dialog only? Or can there be a sentence that is narrative? And can you explain a little bit of the female main character, preferably what her personality like?

    • I love your profile pic!
      Yes, you can include another narrative sentence (or more), I’m just looking for three lines max of dialogue.
      About the girl: She has finally realized that she likes this boy after a year of thinking she doesn’t (and rejecting him when he tries to kiss her, which happens near the beginning of the book). At the time the boy asks her to the prom, she has recently emerged from a major depression and breakup with her ex and is healing herself. She has been waiting for a boy to really love her for a long time and this boy does, which he wants her to know.
      I hope that helps 🙂

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