interview & contest

I’m interviewed today at The Compulsive Reader.  Both When It Happens and Take Me There were selected as the Book(s) of the Month and I’m stoked.

The most awesome Compulsive Reader is also running a contest so you can win a copy of both books.  How sweet is that?  Just email your name, address, and email address to thecompulsivereader[at]

6 thoughts on “interview & contest

  1. nice interview
    That was a nice interview! Because more information is known about Take Me There, I’m getting really excited! And Waiting For You sounds awesome too, by the way. 🙂

  2. I saw your book When It Happens at the Barnes and Noble near me today, and it was actually up with the new releases display! I was so excited for you, hehe.
    And now I’m off to read that interview- I’m sure it’s great because both you and Compulsive Reader rock!


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