exciting may day announcement!

Today is May Day.  May Day is my birthday.  And what an awesome birthday gift:  When It Happens is out in paperback today!

When It Happens

As a bonus gift, I can officially announce my exciting Barnes & Noble news.  Barnes & Noble is doing national floor displays of Take Me There and When It Happens!  The floor displays should be out on June 10, but Take Me There will be in stores on May 29.

You may have noticed two slightly different covers for Take Me There kicking around.  That’s because Barnes & Noble requested a few changes to the cover.  Below, the original cover is on the left and the final cover is on the right.

Take Me ThereTake Me There

Fun creative visualization factoid:  My LJ username is windowlight, because I’m all about the natural light in big windows.  Nice cover, right?

18 thoughts on “exciting may day announcement!

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Happy birthday!
    I think that’s it’s awesome that your birthday is the same day as May Day, a celebration of spring…

    • Congrats on the display! And happy birthday! And you should check Facebook and RSVP to my party. And also, I have reading period for the next 2 weeks and we should catch up over cupcakes.

      • Hey you kind of answered to me, not the birthday girl – you might want to repost to make sure she sees it.
        Not that I wouldn’t love to have cupcakes with you.

        • Eek! Sorry. Thanks for the heads up. Although I think all comments to a post forward to Susane, but replies to specific comments go to the replied-to comment as well as the post author. That sounds confusing O.0 I know. My brain is fried from exams. But anyway, April, one day we shall have cupcakes together and it will be that much more hilarious.

  2. Happy Birthday, Susane!! I hope you have had an amazing day. You deserve it. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished.


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