top 3 questions

Here are the top three frequently asked questions readers have been asking me.

1.  Are you going to write a When It Happens sequel?

It’s possible.  I’d love to write a sequel, but there are a few obstacles in the way.  For starters, young-adult novels usually feature characters who are in high school, and Sara and Tobey have already graduated by the end of When It Happens.  I’ve read a few books that take place the summer after senior year or move from senior year into college, but these are the exception.  So I’m not sure if that would fly.  Another thing is that I’ve already planned the plots for my next five books and I’m really excited about writing them!  I guess this is one of those questions that never really gets answered completely.

2.  Will there be a When It Happens movie?

I hope so!  That would be so freaking awesome I can’t even tell you.  While I was writing the book, I visualized the scenes like movie scenes, and a lot of readers tell me that the book feels like a movie playing in their head when they read it.  That’s hot.  So we’ll see – my agent is working on selling the movie rights now.  It’s such an exciting time for teen movies, with the most excellent Juno and Paranoid Park out, plus the upcoming Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Twilight, so there’s hope.  The ultimate would be if Evan Rachel Wood played Sara.

Evan Rachel Wood

3.  Was it difficult to write from a boy’s perspective for the Tobey chapters?

Not really.  Although girls and boys are definitely different in some ways, we’re all human and share basic similarities.  We all want to be loved.  We’re all looking for someone to connect with, that one person who gets us better than anyone else.  And we all want to be happy.  So these fundamental common emotions are true no matter who you are.  The main differences that make Tobey’s voice sound different from Sara’s are how he speaks and interacts with his friends.  I find boyspeak to be choppier, while girls like to talk about their feelings more.  Of course, Tobey is not a typical boy.  He’s introspective and sweet and confident and sensitive.  Oh, and really, really cute.  I wanted to create the ultimate teen boy character who girls would fall in love with, so it was super fun to write his scenes.

2 thoughts on “top 3 questions

  1. !!!
    You’ve planned the plots for your next FIVE books?! Oh my gosh.
    But when you’re done with all of them (even maybe if you’re between some, or have writer’s block), can you please write some more continuing WHEN IT HAPPENS? 🙂 Or maybe just a snippet or two. Like telling us what Laila was thinking about at graduation. Or something like that. 🙂


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