viking turns 75!

Susane Colasanti and Jon Scieszka

Viking Children’s Books 75th Anniversary Party was fan-freaking-tabulous!  Here I am with Ambassador Jon Scieszka.  I was going to bring him a crown, but I felt like everyone probably does that and I didn’t want to be a lame copier.  But according to Jon, everyone does not do that.  So I got you next time, Jon!

Any event where I get to speak with Laurie Halse Anderson is a magical time for me.  She has been such an amazing source of inspiration and is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know.  I wish that her books would have been available when I was a teen, but I’m happy that she is saving so many kids in countless ways now.

Susane Colasanti and Laurie Halse Anderson

So many friendly neighbors were in the house, there was just not enough time to visit with everyone.  My incredible editor, Anne Gunton, was awesome about taking care of me, even in her very pregnant state.  Impressive!  I am extra lucky to not only have a wonderful editor, but also to have the best publisher a girl could ask for, and that’s Regina Hayes.  Regina will be my editor while Anne is on maternity leave starting next month.

Viking's 75th Anniversary Party

Here we have Lizabeth Zindel, author of The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies, which will be released on May 15; Laurie Halse Anderson (Twisted will be out in paperback on May 15); Doug Whiteman, President of Penguin Group Books for Young Readers; and Sarah Dessen (go Lock and Key!).

Viking's 75th Anniversary Party

These cute boys do a lot more than just go around looking good.  Jack Martin is NYPL’s Assistant Coordinator of Young Adult Services and wearer of the slick stripey pants.  Nico Medina is my absolutely spectacular copyeditor.  He is the author of Fat Hoochie Prom Queen, which how can you not read?

Special shout-outs to Anton, wizard with the contracts and personal photographer.  Thank you for being tall.  Sam Kim wins for best cover design of Take Me There, which will be released on May 29.  And Sarah Dessen had some seriously shiny hair going on.  See, she just dazzles in so many ways…

Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti

9 thoughts on “viking turns 75!

  1. photogenic
    Wait a sec. I’m one of the people who take those photos. Are you kidding me? The camera loves you so much that even an incompetent photographer like me looks like a pro. In fact, the camera loves you so much that I’m not sure whether I should be jealous of the camera.

  2. Woo! Awesome pictures!! And Nico’s your copyeditor too? lol. He’s just all over copyediting books I get to read for my site. First Lock and Key, now Take Me There. He’ll have to keep me updated on other stuff he copyedits, haha.
    Also, I am adding you to my friends on here. I didn’t even know you had an LJ.
    And Sarah is fabulous, isn’t she? I got to meet her a few weekends ago, and she was awesome.
    By the way, this is Book Chic from myspace, but it’s my regular LJ account rather than a Book Chic one, so you get to see my inner workings. Well, if you read my posts, lol.
    PS You look amazing in those pictures. I especially loved the first one.

    • Oh, hey Book Chic! Thanks! I’m so glad you found me here – I didn’t know about your alter ego 😉
      Nico is amazing. He is truly the most incredible copyeditor in the whole wide world. Probably even in the entire universe.

      • Yes, I’m not just a book-reading robot who posts reviews and interviews and contests, lol. 😉 hehe
        And yes, Nico is amazing. I haven’t met him yet, but we’ve been chatting a lot since I first started the site and have lots of things in common. I’m hoping to meet him when he does a reading in VA this June, which I absolutely cannot wait for!
        Be sure to add me back on here too, hehe. I just posted a new blog entry.


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