earth day celebray

Ah, Earth Day.  The day I used to offer extra credit to my students who carried a garbage bag around with them everywhere to collect all of their personal garbage.  Actually, they had to lug their own garbage around for 48 hours.  After that, more kids understood my incessant ranting about not taking a bag in the store if you don’t need one and letting the deli guy know that you really don’t require a huge freaking pile of napkins for one bagel, thanks.

This Earth Day is celebration time for many exciting reasons, like:

1.  Sarah Dessen’s Lock and Key is released today!  I had the privilege of reading a galley and was impressed, once again, by Sarah’s awesome talent for telling stories that touch our hearts.

2.  Season Two of Friday Night Lights is out on DVD.  Tim Riggins in my living room is always a good thing.

3.  It’s Viking Children’s Books 75th Anniversary.  Yay Viking!  There’s a special anniversary party tonight, so hopefully I’ll have some cool photos to share with you soon.

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